Beautiful countertops with minimum upkeep required

If you’re looking for a strong, beautiful countertop that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, quartz is the way to go. Unlike granite and marble, which are made entirely of natural stone, quartz surfaces are man made. To make a quartz surface, ground quartz is combined with resin and, occasionally, pigments for extra color. Because of the added resin, quartz countertops are nonporous and extremely durable.

Quartz surfaces make a great addition to any home. We recommend only using quartz indoors, as it’s not quite as heat resistant as natural stone and may not stand up to direct sunlight. The scratch and stain resistance of quartz makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops, bars, and bathroom vanities. It also makes for an eye-catching fireplace surround.

Five Stars Granite offers St. Louis homeowners many types of quartz, with the most popular being Silestone and Caesarstone. Although both have the durability of quartz and will give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look, there are some key differences to keep in mind.


Offers a wider variety of colors than Caesarstone and is slightly harder. It’s usually available at a lower price point than Caesarstone.


Doesn’t come in as many colors as Silestone, but it offers a wide variety of finishes and edges. Some customers think that Caesarstone is better at mimicking the unique look of granite and marble. In general, Caesarstone costs a little more than Silestone.
We also offer other brands of quartz, including Metro Quartz, MSI Quartz, Hanstone, and Datile.
How do I care for my quartz countertops?

Whether you’ve chosen Caesarstone or Silestone, keeping your quartz countertops in great shape couldn’t be easier. Unlike granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces, quartz is nonporous and doesn’t require sealing. It also doesn’t need specialty cleaners. A mild household cleanser, like 409 or Fantastik, will do the trick. Wipe them down daily with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Quartz countertops from Five Stars Granite are sure to make your space pop! Take a look at our online Kitchen Visualizer to find the best granite for your St. Louis area home. To get started with a free in-home estimate