Wood Floor Cleaning

Many modern homes feature hardwood floors, which are as durable and long-lasting as they are timeless and elegant. In order to stay beautiful, however, your wood floors need regular maintenance. Dr. Chem-Dry can help you get the most out of your hardwood floors with our top quality wood floor cleaning services. We combine deep cleaning and polishing to make your wood floors as beautiful as they were the day they were installed.

Your hardwood floors are a major investment, and it’s of the utmost importance that you keep them well protected. That begins with making sure they’re kept clean and well maintained. Over time, dirt, grime, and debris will build up on your wood floors, making them dingy and possibly even damaged. By choosing Dr. Chem-Dry to clean your wood floors, not only will you restore their beauty; you’ll also extend their life. Our wood floor cleaning process uses minimal moisture, which prevents any excess damage to your floors. We’ll also add a protective barrier to your wood floors during the cleaning process. Every member of our crew goes above and beyond to ensure that your floors will remain intact for years to come.

The Dr. Chem-Dry Cleaning Solution

Other cleaning companies and DIY solutions will subject your hardwood floors to abrasive cleaners and sticky soaps that cause more harm than good. To give your hardwood floors a gentle yet effective clean, Dr. Chem-Dry follows a multistep process.

1. Inspection

We’ll begin with an inspection to determine whether our cleaning solutions are suitable for your floors – we don’t recommend it on unfinished wood – and to check your floors for scratches, gouges, and stains. Your technicians will also check to see if your floor has an acrylic coating. If so, we will remove it.

2. Deep Cleaning

Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your floors and removed any coatings, we will deep clean your floors. Just like we do for carpets, upholstery, and tile, we use a green-certified cleaner to extract dirt and contaminants from your wood. Our cleaner doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue or streaks, so your floors will stay cleaner for longer.

3. Polish

We finish with an application of our specially developed wood floor polish. Not only does our polish leave behind a brilliant shine; it will also keep your floors protected until your next deep cleaning.

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